In-depth Review Of Cryptomall’s Centralized Token Exchange(CTEx)

Last time, we made a review on a new peer to peer exchange which had been making some waves recently, yeah i mean Cryptomall.


Today, we will be taking an in-depth look into their new project, the Centralized Token Exchange. According to the C.E.O Of Cryptomall, Nnam Darlington, The Centralized Token Exchange, is the first of its kind. A project aimed at helping new tokens created on the blockchain, list easily on a reputable exchange, whilst providing resources for monitoring their day to day growth and many more.

As quoted from their site “Recently, we made a little study on how many tokens are created on the tron and ethereum blockchain daily, and we compared the numbers to the amount of them which survived the difficult times to attain good value, and we were very disappointed with the results.

We realized after deeper researches, that this was due to the impatience of the token holders, especially those who attained the tokens for free, thereby exchanging the new coins or tokens for fiat immediately after listing takes place, and crashing the market value.
This problem, is one which we are desperately trying to solve by bringing up new strategies which CTEx is part of.

Although i don’t fully know how successful this project would be, considering we’ve never heard of new tokens listing on peer to peer exchanges, due to the lesser number of users present on peer to peer exchanges, as compared to Purely Centralized Exchanges, this might be a revolutionary move for the peer to peer industry, considering the large number of advantages associated with peer to peer exchanges.

Some of these advantages include:

Check out Cryptomall’s CTEX, if you consider the project an interesting one, and would love to list your token on a peer to peer exchange.



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